Feed Item not visible in Skuid Query

I have a Skuid page that is used on a Lightning Community. It has a query to show recent questions posted to the Community Discussion.

Both guest and authenticated users can see the Community Discussion on the standard Compact Feed layout. When I preview the Skuid page that is configured to show Feed Items the data is visible for Authenticated users but not for Guest users.

Any idea why the posts aren’t visible to guest users via my Skuid page - but they are on the compact feed layout?

Hey @Brayden_Smith ,

Is the Skuid page using the Chatter component? Or something else to display the feed items?

in addition, can you verify that the guest site sharing rules for Skuid Page are set up correctly:


We’re using a Skuid model, not the chatter component.

Also, the guest user has access to Skuid pages and a Skuid license. So I don’t think that’s the issue.

Right now the guest user can see the Skuid page and the results of the most popular groups component. But they can’t see the results of the 2 models based on the feeditem object until they log in.

Hey @Brayden_Smith ,

It seems to me, if you are using feed items, then it will correlated the the chatter component, and if that is the case then it is working correctly with users needing to sign in.

Also, are you able to expose the feed item to the community without using the Skuid page as a guest user?


Yes, we went ahead and created a Lightning Web Component and have been able to expose the information via that. Still would be interested to learn how to use Skuid for this in the future. In the case that we need to.