Facing issue while creating community user and assigning permission set

We are creating community users using Batch Class.
We have a checkbox “Auto Assign Perm Sets on Activation” unchecked in SKUID and we are assigning Permission Set through “After Insert” trigger on user object. 
And all these were running fine till 17th June 2019.

Since 18th June 2019, we are getting following error
ERROR MESSAGE:  skuid.User: execution of AfterInsert caused by: System.AsyncException: Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method: skuid.UserUtils.assignLicensesAsync(String) Trigger.skuid.User: line 62, column 1 Trigger.skuid.User: line 159, column 1

And above error is occurring only on production. Where as the skuid version and Salesforce release version are same on dev org and production org.

Any help is appreciated.

Skuid’s “Auto Assign Perm Sets on Activation” functionality provides an alternative to the need for you to write a custom After Insert trigger on the user object — you should be able to remove this logic and just use Skuid to configure what Permission Sets you want to auto-assign on user activation / creation. I would strongly consider using only one or the other, but not using Suid’s “Auto-assignment of Permission Sets” functionality and not your own trigger, or just your trigger and not Skuid’s auto-assignment of Permission Sets feature.