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I created a skuid page for external sources to enter the leads into salesforce and made it available thrrough salesforce sites . Ideally it should be editable and everyone should be able to enter the details of new leadd, but cuurently the page does not give this edit option even after giving the page required permissions,object permissions, field ;level security permissions checking the security sharing model in Salesforce but still to no help??

i an attaching the screenshotof the existing situation and what i require
Please help i need to get this done before coming wednesday

Please help

This is what i need the page to look like and be editable
but currently it is like this

the model and the field editor is on edit only mode in skuid.

Guest Sites users have only READ and CREATE privileges for LEADS. If you have both of those boxes checked then my suspicion would be that you need to have EDIT privileges for edit mode in SKUID even though in a standard Visualforce page you could have editable fields available for the purpose of entering new records in this use case. If I am right (hope I am wrong) here are some less then ideal options to make this work one with and one without additional coding. No coding option #1. Download Object Converter 3.0 https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000003JeOiEAK - Create a custom object for capturing leads - Use Object Converter to create the Lead mapping the fields of the custom object to the Lead - Since it is a custom objects permissions won’t be an issue. - If you want you can have the custom placeholder object deleted after the data has been copied over. A bit of coding option #2. Still using a custom object you can create a bunch of UI only fields. Then create a button that runs a javascript snippet to write that data via remoting or any other preferred client side method to the Lead. Since the UI fields would be for a custom object the sites user would have permission to edit then you can have edit fields displaying and then you can map those fields to an Insert request without violating any SF licensing restrictions.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your help. but i hav egot questions if you can help me with them
1. Lead object have the Read and Create box checked. Can’t give the edit accesss as SF does not give me the option to

2. I would like to go with 1st option of not to code because i am not a pro with coding.But i have got questions for this option, so to make things more clear. i am trying to build a page for our outsource Call centres to enter the leads whenever they make an appointment. So i f i create a custom object to map fields to lead object, i believe i won’t ever be able to delete it ever as you said in the last point, but if that menas that i can actually delete the custom object record once it has been converted to lead In SF , then how??

3.i do understand that i donot have the edit access to lead object and that is some how causing the issue, but my only question here is that this page is working perfectly fine in my old Salesforce org without even having any edit access or having to work on convert object or create a custom object to map fields to lead

Both the pages in the old org and the new org have been built by me, and i have never came across this issue in the old org, then why is it not working in the new one… I am not sure what i am i missing on or doing wrong

thanks a lot for your help

When you look at the form from a Staff account do all the fields appear editable?

Hi joseph Thanks a lot for the help, but  i have sorted out the problem. everything was on editable mode and the site when previewed from anywhere skuid or as Visualforce page in SF, appear editable it was only when i used to go to the actual site link it dint worked. So it got nothing to do with the edit mode anywhere.

It was only my bad. when i was building the page i somehow de selected the option of Create default row, when model has none, on model properties, i checked this because otherwise it was pulling sample data from salesforce , to stop this i added few model conditions which ideally should return no record, and if no record is returned a default model row will be created.
Basically it is all about Sql queries at the backend which needs a where clause to run, for which i would need to add conditions in the model, but i actually dint wanted any record to come up so model conditions were built in a way that they return zero record and then i used this if clause that says create  a model row if none is returned
And since it was all in edit mode so the model row came up in the edit mode now…!!

So problem sorted.
I hope i am making sense to you… Please let me know if some part of it is unclear

Thanks a lot for your response and help



Glad you got it sorted out. Is this the same post as https://community.skuid.com/t/salesforec-sites-with-skuid? If so, I’ll merge the two … 


Hi Karen

yes they both are the same… u can merge them both…!!

Karen I have got a question for skuid… don’t know if i should ask now … but just want to know if we can add salesforce buttons to skuid pagesLike if i want to add convert lead button on one of the skuid list page against every Lead record and to add to this i would like to render this button by lead status condition…

if you can please help me with this.


Please check out this tutorial, I think it addresses what you are trying to do.


Thanks a lot Karen

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Salesforec Sites with Skuid. I made a skuid page and then made it available for the users by using Salefsorce “Sites”, which makes it accessible for external users. but when i preview it, i grt an error saying:

“You’ve been INKED! (Something went wrong) We were unable to find a Skuid Page named QualityAssurancePage. The Page is either inaccessible or does not exist. If you believe you should be able to view this Skuid Page, ask your System Administrator to check the Sharing Model for the Page object to ensure that you have access to this Skuid Page.”

i have checked for the public access settings for this page and profile but nothing helped… Can some one please help me sort this?

Hi Karen,
Need your help with a problem…i have just posted a new one with the title data entry wizard fetching records…!! Can you please help me with this