Exposing Skuid pages to Public -Security Concerns/Questions


I’m looking into finding a way to Expose certain Skuid pages to my clients, through Public Site (guest user license)

The goal is to have the ability to send a url to client , which when clicked, would not require a log in with a username and PW, and have client be able to view, using skuid, info i want to share + add/change info and commit to db

From my early testing, I’ve been able to produce a page like that, now looking into potential Security issues.

Speaking to one of the Dev i work with, he has some questions which I could no find answer to, or maybe if someone has accomplished something similar which is secure, can share the way they’ve done it.

Here are the questions (sorry if not very clear, I’m translating them from french lol)

1- Is it possible in skuid to pass URL parameters through POST method and not through the URL?

2- Can Skuid read cookies?

3- Can a Skuid page execute a Method specified in a Apex class?