Exporting all model records


We have a requirement to export all records in a model - not just the subset that is initially loaded (our max # records is 250, but the object has thousands of records).

I tried to write some javascript code that would remove the records limit and requery the model. However, I’m encountering errors because the message size returned is larger than 6mb.

Do you have any suggestions on ways to circumvent this limitation?

Kartik Sethuraman

This is likely not something that should be done in Skuid or is even supported. I’d suggest Salesforce data loader.

When I first started developing our ORG, SKUID was so easy that I was trying to create everything with SKUID. For instance, for our accountant I was showing all lines of our billing so he could export it and then select all and lock the records after export. After being in it for awhile I have come to realize that there is a time for SKUID and a time for the other powerful tools like reports. Or like Pat mentioned dataloader or one of the other tools like Jitterbit etc. We were trying to suck in so much data that load times were taking longer and we had to shrink down the number of records pulled in (so we had to hit load more button more often) The report on the other hand ends up being a one or two click option and that is what it was made for. You can save the report and have your users use it whenever they need to. I now switched the SKUID page into just bringing in the checkbox to lock the record and a date and name. Since I am only brining in a little data now we could increase our record count and the page loads faster. So the end user pulls a report in salesforce (with the correct filters) and then goes to the SKUID page and locks all the billing. Using the actions framework I probably could create a button that selects all rows, marks them locked, and re queries the model so it brings in the remaining rows automatically without the load more button. Anyways, I am learning to find the most powerful tool for the job at hand. You may currently also run into an issue with exporting right from the SKUID page where you see the Id instead of the name. There are some work arounds in the forum though, and I believe it is on the roadmap to improve the export.

Thanks Rich.  That’s a very good way to think about it.