Export to Excel from different namespace not working

I have a table in my Skuid page and my page renders within my application’s namespace, e.g. mynamespace.na7.visual.force.com/apex/myVFpagethatholdsmySkuidpage. I have Export to Excel enabled on the table, but it fails because it’s trying to find the Visualforce page “ExportData” within my namespace, whereas it exists in the Skuid namespace. I could clone this page to create my own ExportData Visualforce page in my namespace, but is there a better way that keeps my on the standard Skuid upgrade path?

Hi Glenn, The Skuid-supported way to get around this cross-domain issue is to do exactly what you have described: clone Skuid’s “ExportData” Visualforce Page into your local namespace. The Skuid “Export to Excel” routine will always look for whatever ExportData page is in your local namespace — so, regardless you’re running Skuid using the skuid:page component, or using the “redirects” method, this should take care of you. If you’re building a Managed Package that extends Skuid, you should include an ExportData page into this package as well. **We also support doing this for the “Include” Visualforce Page, in order to enable you to use the Skuid Page Include component when you run Skuid from the skuid:page component.

Thanks Zach. I cloned the ExportData page and everything works well now.