Export table data to Excel - even with unsaved changes

I have a use-case where I would like to be able to “Export table data”, even if there are unsaved changes on the model (which would essentially ignore any unsaved changes).

I noticed, however, that if I have unsaved changes, the Excel icon is greyed out and I am unable to export. Is there a snippet I can use to override this? 

I’m sorry.  This is not currently something Skuid provides.  The model data and the changes data are available in Javascript and so theoretically could be exported, but they would have to be parsed together into the correct format. 

Thanks for getting back to me Rob. I’ll try to brainstorm a work-around. Cheers.

Hey @mB_Andreas_K.LeF !

Skuid has implemented an easier way to export data in the new Chicago release which is now available on the Skuid Releases page. Best practices for upgrading can be found in Upgrading Skuid on Salesforce. As a reminder, Salesforce does NOT allow reverting back to prior versions of managed packages. Skuid always recommends installing new versions in a non-business critical sandbox environment to test all mission-critical functionality before installing into a production environment.

We also recommend that you update out-of-date themes and design systems after you upgrade. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any problems with this issue after upgrading.