Export select records from all pages, how does it work for the filter and Tables.

I want to export the data with the various rows, As we have thousands of record from the DB. but want to select few records from various search after filter apply and then export all at once. Is there any way to do that? 

This post seems to indicate that you can filter records before exporting the data:


There are various select item on various searches, so page is refreshed every time i do a search a new record by applying different filters and i loose the previous selected.

eg:  I want to search a company Abott Laboratories select and than Zubi healthcare and select and finally export as both records not there in the same page as the records are sorted as alphabetical order. If i select Abott first, search again and than Zubi, I loose the check box select for abott and in export i get only zubi

This is an interesting idea. It will not be possible with just one table. But if you are willing to have a search table and a export table it could be done. Here is how. 1. Create two models and two tables. The search model loads records (and is where you have all your filters and search tools. The export model loads no records at page load. The export model also has a fiterable condition on the record id. 2. On search table make row action button that runs action framework sequence. It should activate the condition on the export model and pass the id of the row in context to that condition. Then it should query the export model, but in the query step the “load more data” property needs to be selected instead of the “replace all”. 3 set up export features on your export table. What will happen is that as you select rows in the search table, those same records will queried and added to the export table. But the export table will not be refreshed when you filter or requery the search table. Hopefully that’s not too much of a hack…

Rob, I am able to create multiple action on the row action and create row for new table but I am not able to pass the selected record the the new table with ID. Can you help in this. Thanks

After selecting the “Create New Row” action there will be a new button next to the action title that lets you add default values. Here you can select a field in the new model and pass it a value using merge syntax.

See this image.