Export pages option missing in Banzai

I am running Banzai v. 7.12 and I am trying to export my pages in production however the “Export Pages” function is no longer there. I tired to “build a page pack” however I keep getting a managed package error. 

Is there a new way to export your pages so they can be in sandbox. 



We removed export pages because it was too buggy.  Page Packs are the way to go.  I’d reccomend choosing just a few pages for starters then building up. 

I believe you will also be prevented from packign pages in the “skuid module” 

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the update. It is interesting that the export function was found to be buggy, I find the page packs to be buggy.

I chose 5 pages (even choosing one page gives me this error) to include in a page pack and I get the below error.