Export all records is dropping model conditions

I have a model with some inactive conditions (filter default off.)  The user activates these conditions, sets values, and re-queries the model using a snippet we wrote to do some multi-model filtering which is run using a “Search” button.  The results are displayed in a table, and the model limit is 200 records.

That all works fine.  Since we upgraded our environment to the latest Skuid version, when the user clicks the export under the results table, the conditions get deactivated and the user gets a bunch of records that they shouldn’t be.

We have the export set to “attempt to load all records before exporting.”  Before the upgrade, the model conditions would “stick” but now it appears to be deactivating all the conditions that are “filter default off.”

UPDATE: We have found that clicking “Load More” on this table also causes the conditions on the model to drop - also causing a problem.


Is this issue resolved when you upgrade to 8.15.9?