Experiencing critical issues after a package update by Skuid at 11-Nov-2015 2:18 PM (AEST)

Possibly affecting a JS snippet that couples 2 records from different objects in Salesforce.

There has been no modification to the JS, and the system was working fine prior to the Skuid update.

Can you please Grant Skuid Login Access to your org and send support at skuidify dot com your Org Id so that we can assist? Let us know which page this error is occurring on and we will assist in resolving the issue.

Thanks for the response, Zach.

I have just granted login access.

Daft question, but where can I locate the support email address for Skuid to send the details through? (info [at] skuidify.com ??)

Send your email to support at skuidify.com 

Thanks Rob, I’ve sent an email through.

Hey Rob. Thank you for your support and providing a resolution for us.

Glad we got it taken care of for you.