Excel Import Error

We’ve just been playing with importing data from an old Access database into salesforce using the skuid excel import and it is very useful (especially for rapid prototyping). However, we are running into the following error:

Apex CPU time limit exceededError is in expression ‘{!validateFile}’ in component apex:commandButton in page skuid:import: (skuid)

When we break the data down into much smaller csv files (e.g. a couple of hundred rows) it works (but is a bit painful). There are quite a few columns in the data, so i am guessing this is hitting some limit in a loop?

Ant,  we are constrained by the Apex processing limits, and we have never updated the excel importer to work in batches.  Large imports are going to fail.
For volume data loading we’d reccomend one of your specialized data loading tools that do work in batches.

Thanks. We thought so, but worth asking anyway. Back to Dataloader and Jitterbit :). I think there are other ideas already posted about opening up the api to the import tool, so will leave it for those to emerge on the roadmap in due course.

The Data Import Wizard lets you import up to 50,000 records at a time.