Excel Export Issue


I using skuid with salesforce.com.

I want to export data through the export button. When I am attempting to downloading the data. It is not downloading in the CSV format.

It is downloading in the blank file. It is not related to excel sheet. But before 2 months ago, I have exported the sheet in the CSV format. It had been downloading successfully. But At this time, It is not downloading.

I have attached the screenshot for your reference. Please find the attachment.

Please reply me it is the very urgent task.

Arvind Kumar
+91 9665086466

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Hi Arvind,

I had the same issue not too long ago.   Skuid put a fix in for this in Brooklyn (10.0.7).   

But before that, I found that if I a named the file in the Export Properties page to “filename.csv”, it exports as expected.

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your quick response !!!

You have given the best solution. My Issue has been resolved.

Arvind Kumar