Everything is coming together!!!

I’ve been developing my new app since mid October. It’s fairly complex I’d say. Less than 2 months later and I’ve got a General Contractor CPQ and Contract system just about ready for it’s first release.

Super excited about this release!

Never thought this was possible until Skuid and this Community.

Thank you Skuid Team and fellow Skuid Community members.

THUMBS UP TO YOU! (sorry I look a little crazy)

That is so exciting to hear!! I love the crazy picture! I’m really glad Skuid has helped you so much and that things are coming together for your first release. All the best!

Pat, you look like the perfect raving lunatic fan. Seriously, it’s very cool that you have been able to move so fast with the help of the Skuid Community.

Why does the last 5% take FOREVER!!! :frowning:

Probably because of this.

LOL!!! omg … there’s 1’s and 0’s and blood and guts everywhere. I had to split one object into two. ( delirious laughing & crying )

Dexter would be in absolute awe!