event for deck card load/render?

maybe card would work better…

The one way to do this is for sure a hack.

  1. Put either your deck and/or card components within a tab component.
  2. Next set a class on the tab components of move-me-then-hide-me.
  3. Create a snippet move-children-to-siblings to move the deck/card elements within the tab to be a sibling.
  4. Create css to set the tab component to display: none
  5. Set your deck/card actions in the tab component along with move-children-to-siblings.
Not 100% sure this would work, but lemeno.

Hi all,

We’re considering  adding support for pagination actions and events in the Deck component; Matt Sones, would that solve for your original need, or does it need to be at the card level for it to be useful?


Thanks, Matt. I honestly don’t remember what the issue was anymore. (‘.’)/

Yes, Matt that would be a start. Card level would be ideal as currently the cards re use id’s so it is a challenge to dynamically do page includes I the cards. I know that wasn’t Matt’s original need but it is one of ours. Thanks