estimate values are not pulling on campaigns

estimate values are not pulling on campaigns

Hello Katy. Are you able to provide more details about your issue? Perhaps a description of what you’re expecting vs. what you’re experiencing? Here are a few questions for you to get started:

Had this been working in the past, and has now stopped? 
Have access or security settings on the estimate field, or the campaign object recently been changed, such that they may be restricted from some profiles or users?
Is the field for estimate values being pulled in the Campaigns model?
Have there been any other recent changes (like updating to a new version of Skuid, for example) that coincide with the appearance of this issue?
Are you seeing any error messages when trying to view the affected page? If so, please let us know what the messages are. 

I am new to this organization and am not sure if that ever worked.
In past SF positions you are able to see (on the front of the campaign):
number of estimates
total value of estimates
total value closed won

we are only able to see the number of estimates, yet the value is not pulling into the field in the campaign. And, when I try to just type the amount in (so I can run reports) I am not able to.
I have never experienced anything like this.

No new changes to any of the fields etc.
No error message, it just won’t pull

Thank you for your responses Katy. With Skuid, every page is a little different, and some questions we ask might seem obvious, but we need to cover all our bases to understand what is and isn’t involved. Is this view of the campaign a Skuid page, or standard Salesforce? If you are able to share screenshots of the page in question, as well as a screenshot of the page in the Page Builder (specifically the component and one of the affected fields) that will help. 

Also, what does the user typically do to get this information/page to show? 


It’s likely that the Total Value of Estimates (Opportunities) & Total Value Closed Won Estimates (Opportunities) fields are the standard Campaign fields that roll up the standard Amount field of associated Estimates (Opportunities), but you have customized the Opportunity object to use a different field than Amount. (Many Salesforce users do… maybe most?) Therefore, these fields are working properly (as is the Skuid page), and rolling up $0’s… because that’s what’s in that standard Amount field.

Bottom line: this is probably not a Skuid “issue,” but rather a Salesforce backend “issue.”
(And rather easy to fix, if my assumptions are correct.)

All you’ll likely need to do is create Workflow to update the standard Amount field with the “other” custom total field.