Error with Skuid Page in Lightning Community Builder

I have some simple Skuid tables that I am embedding into my Napili Community via the Community Builder and Skuid custom component. These were functioning correctly yesterday, but today I’m no longer able to see the pages in either sandbox or production.  I received this error in production:

“Cannot add Inline Javascript in the Lightning Runtime, and no Page Support File was found or there was a timeout.”

We are trying to launch our community next week, and these features are critical. Any advice on this would be appreciated.


Did anything change between yesterday and today? ie upgrade, add javascript, change the pages, activate the community, etc.

Is there custom javascript on the pages? If so, do the pages work without it? If so, there is likely a problem with the custom javascript on your page.

Hi Stephen,

Yes I did activate the community this morning, do you think that would cause issues? I’m not sure why that would affect the already active sandbox community though.

My page does have a small amount of javascript, but again this was working in the sandbox before this morning.


What does the Javascript do?
Do the pages work without any of it? Absolutely scrapped, do your pages load?

The page loads fine within our internal Salesforce, but won’t for the Community. I removed the javascript and it still does not load in Community.

I’m adding a screenshot of the browser console’s output, hope this helps.

And this error pops up in the Lightning Community Builder:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘call’ of null throws at https://thebroadcenter–

Make sure in your new environment (production?) you click Generate Page Support Files on your skuid pages that contain javascript.  It’s always a good idea to do that anytime you copy a page over to a new environment from a sandbox.

Thanks for the advice Chandra, I’ve one ahead and generated the support files. What do I do now?

Is this the error you’re seeing after you’ve removed all javascript from the page?

What are you seeing for your pages themselves when a user tries to access the community? We need much more detail to be able to help

Yes, the error still shows if I remove the js.

Here is a screenshot of what users see in the Community. It simply doesn’t show.

The Skuid table should be showing below the text blurb.

Does the end user have permission to see the page? Has it been set to public? We see this from time to time relating to permissions. Considering you suddenly can’t see it after activation, this is a likely culprit worth exploring.

Is it a detail page or something attached to an object? The permissions will need to be set to public if it is a public community

The Skuid page isn’t embedded in a Visualfore page, I’m using the Skuid Community Builder component to embed in my community. Is there some ‘Public’ setting I have to do for this? It was working fine in the sandbox community I had before I tried moving to production.

Below is what it should look like. Again, it’s a pretty straightforward table of info, nothing too fancy about it.  It is pulling Contact info.

Is the text in a Skuid page? What is your lightning page builder looking like?

Many times, you actively have to go give permission to be able to see certain objects in community. If the table is on an object that doesn’t have permissions, the end user won’t see it.

No the text isn’t on a Skuid page. The only thing that is Skuid is the table shown in the pic above. See this pic for the Community Builder I’m using:

This page also throws the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of null throws at

I made sure that Contact permissions are enabled. We have another Community that is active that functions correctly with our permissions, but this is the first time we’re trying to add a Skuid component to this.

After you generate the Page Support Files for your pages, those pages should be usable in Lightning.

Hi Zach,

I generated the support file and that removes the error messages, but nothing actually shows up on the page still. Do you think it has anything to do with the gatherer.js script? I notice that the resource URLs it is referring to are incorrect. For example: 

This gives me a 503 error. But if I use the correct Community path: 
This downloads the resources correctly. I wonder if this other URL is having similar troubles with the links not pointing to the correct path: 

What do you think?


Hi Eulogio,

It sounds like generating the support files was a necessary step, but there’s another unresolved issue to understand. Would you mind telling us your current Skuid release #, and whether you’ve recently upgraded?

Also, in Chrome’s developer tools, sometimes I can find out more information by looking in the Network tab for resources that didn’t load, or returned an error. If you can share anything that doesn’t look like a ‘200’ that’d be helpful too.