Error with rich text editor in a popup with close action

This is pretty niche, but here goes.

I have a model that returns a single row with a rich text field. I put that field in a field editor in a popup for editing. I also have an action on the model so that when it’s saved, all popups are closed. The action seems to create a conflict with the CKEditor used for rich text fields, because saving the record (which fires the close popups action) gives a console error:

ckeditor uncaught typeerror: cannot read property 'unselectable' of null

Removing the action eliminates the problem, which I’ve done for now.

This is in 5.21.8.

Glenn.  I’m getting the same error, but it looks like all other actions are successful.  Is this your experience?  I’m not saying there isn’t a problem,  but I can’t see any impact to it… 

The impact is even more niche. It’s when you try to add a hyperlink using CKEditor after the error has occurred - the URL field is unselectable. I’m not sure if there are other impacts. 

OK.  I’ll pass the bug along. 

Have you  got any solution for the Bug.I am also facing the same problem.

Bhargav,  can you describe your specific steps?  How can I reproduce the issue? 


when i am load the ckeditor plugin using the require.JS plugin i am getting the error 
“Cannot read property ‘unselectable’ of null” 

Why are you using the require.JS plugin to load the CK editor for a rich text field?  We load CK Editor automatically…