Error while trying to access Custom Label from Skuid (from JavaScript)

Hello There ,

I am trying to access a label as shown below:

var specialSegment = skuid.utils.mergeAsText(“global”,"{{$Label.Special_Partner}}");

but have got an error saying :
skuid__SkuidJS:26 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘organizationId’ of undefined

Any idea on how to utilize this method from utils ?

I got this working.

If anyone out there is looking for same problem solution:

The reason was : The Skuid.utils.userInfo object is only available once the page is loaded.

So if you intend to access this in “inline” snippet

//Here you should be able to access as shown below
 var specialSegment = skuid.utils.mergeAsText(“global”,"{{$Label.Special_Partner}}");    console.log(‘specialSegment from Label’,specialSegment);