Error when integrating google calender with skuid calender

I have been trying to integrate google calender with skuid calender. I did followed every step and still not working properly. Whenever I go to the page, it shows ““Unable to authenticate to service “googleCalenderModel”: Login has been cancelled””. But when,I go to the edit page and click on preview , it works fine. Would be great if someone could help me with this issue… (–this will show error. When i preview from edit page this is a URL–(

To expand on this issue a little more, we think the authentication issue is because the VF page we’re trying to show the calendar component is in our managed package namespace “cheetahbms” and the oauth callback url is in the skuid namespace. 

The calendar works when we “preview” the skuid page and our page is rendered in the skuid namespace, but not when it is viewed as a VF page in our namespace. We tried different combinations of URLs for the oauth callback and could not find a solution.

Has anyone else been successful integrating google calendar inside of another package namespace?

Amish & Craig~

There probably is a way to do that but it may be quite taxing to implement. It really depends on how the google calendar API is set up and what kind of calls you can make to it. You may need to build out the calendar one week at a time.



Is that because of the package namespace? Does the page the calendar component is on have to be in the skuid namespace for Google Calendar? 

Amish and Craig,

When you’re running Skuid from a non-Skuid Visualforce domain, which you’re doing, you’ll need to add an additional Callback URL / Redirect URI and an additional allowed JavaScript Origin in your Google Calendar configuration corresponding to your package’s Visualforce domain, e.g. https://cheetah-632–

Hello Zack, 
                     I have added additional callback URl and also  an additional allowed JavaScript Origin. When I logon to the CheetahBMS system, my gmail account get successfully authenticated but still shows “Unable to authenticate to service “GoogleDataSource”: Login has been cancelled” .
Wondering, if there is any issue related to Data source in skuid ?