Error When Importing Page Assignments

I’m trying to import a bunch of page assignments. Currently I have some pages assigned only to a sys admin, and now I want to roll out those pages to another profile. 

I have exported my existing page assignments, copied the ones I want to extend, and updated the user profile ID to the new one. Then deleted all the existing page assignments 

So this gives me a sheet with just the page assignments to import and I know my header rows match. 

I go to import this new CSV file and I got the following error: 

This is weird because I definitely have data rows. 

Here is the comma-separated data I am trying to import if anyone wants to give it a spin:

Thanks for any help. 

Hi Justin,

Your new CSV file must be saved as “Windows Comma-Separated Values” format (meaning that it stores line breaks as CRLF / Carriage Return + Line Feed) in order for the CSV to be imported correctly. If you edited the file in Excel, this is one of the options for file types to Save As.

Thanks Zach!