Error when Exporting or Importing Design Systems on 15.0.7 v2

When exporting a design system in skuid I’ve been getting an error

This CORS error on its own can be bypassed by using the link within the error message to download the zip file. After I did some digging I found this zip file is the same as the zip file stored in the static resources which I’m assuming is where the original design system is stored.
However when I try to import this zip file I am met with another error.
“The uploaded file is not a valid skuid theme”

Is this a common error? And is there a solution?

You are basically correct about Design Systems. The big part is a static resource, but if you just download that file - you miss the associated custom setting record that is needed - and gets bundled in the export file.

You might try to go back into Salesforce and change things back to classic – then go into Skuid and try to export the Design System there. We see more CORS issues when in Lightning…

Finally - what version of Skuid are you running?

I’m using the Dubai release 15.0.7 but I also found the same problem when using Chicago 14.4.8.

I tried going to classic and then trying to download the design system but I had the same CORS error.