error under popup

Error under popup. How do I get to it, as it disappears the moment I close the popup.

Right click on the error and click inspect element and you should be able it to find the error message by traversing downwards.

Most of those error messages are associated with SOQL errors in your model.  As the error is coming up when you open the popup,  I’d look at the models in your included page.  Use this syntax in the browser console to see if there are issues:   skuid.$M(‘ModelName’).debug   

Alternatively you can look through all the models in your page with this syntax:

Happy digging!

Tried that. Hidden.

This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

A way to see the messages in the console would be skuid.$(’.nx-problem’).text()

You are correct, that was a guess. I replied with a jQuery that should do the trick.

Guessing to me is an idea to try. I guess ALL the time! :Pat