Error: 'Uncaught (in promise) Could not find Skuid Page named ""'

I’m attempting to go live with an Opportunity overlay built in API V2 for the first time. It works wonderfully in preview mode, but today I tried to make it live in Salesforce (Classic) and the page fails to load. My overlay built in API V1 continues to work fine. 

When I bring up console I see the following error: 
Uncaught (in promise) Could not find Skuid Page named “”

Any thoughts on what the issue could be here? 

I updated to the latest version of Skuid (12.2.6) in Sandbox and I’m getting a similar error with my V2 overlay: “Uncaught (in promise) Unknown error”. 

Hi Eugene, are you using a Visualforce page around the Skuid page? the error message seems to indicate the Skuid Page name hasn’t been specified. Can you share details about how you’re deploying the Skuid page that leads to the error (Visualforce markup, for example)?

Hi Mark, thank you for your response. It took me some time to figure out what Visualforce markup is, but I’ve got it now:

<apex:page standardController=“Opportunity” extensions=“skuid.Redirects”
showHeader=“true” sidebar=“false” readonly=“true” docType=“html-5.0”
action=“{!IF(canUseSkuid,‘{!redirect}&Page’,redirect)}” title=“{!Opportunity.Name} - {!Opportunity.Account.Name}”>
<skuid:page objectType=“Opportunity” actionType=“View” />

Thanks Eugene. For this kind of setup, it looks like Skuid is being called up in the Visualforce markup, to handle the View action on the Opportunity object. For this to work you’d also want to set up a page assignment that matches that scenario - have you done this? If so, I would check to verify that that page assignment is pointing to the right Skuid page. 

More about page assignments:

Thank you for the additional resource Mark, I’ll check it out!