Error: "security evaluation is implemented for users who don't have admin privileges, and only a sin

I see the attached error when users try to open one of my Skuid pages.  I can’t get this to go away without giving the “View All Data” permission at the user profile level.  (I’ve tried to give read-all access to what I think are the relevant objects - just to test - but no luck.)  We do have sharing pretty locked down in our org, but I can think why this would be happening.  

That certainly looks like a permissions problem, but I haven’t seen a message quite like that before. You might try looking through the models on the page for one (or multiple ones) that include that MedRecActivities__r relationship field. You could then try commenting it out in the XML or deleting it off the page to see if your users still get that error message. If you don’t want to manually search for the field you could also edit the page XML, click into it, and then hit cmd-f (for Macs) or ctrl-f (for pcs) to bring up a search bar. This will at least help you confirm if that’s the object causing the issue or not