error rendering a Skuid Page component for page New_Opportunity

We are getting an attached error in Sandbox while it is running fine in production. Every time when I click on “New” oppty button, we will see this error.

we need to make some enhancements to the Skuid page and we want to do those changes first in dev and then in prod.

I just refreshed a new sandbox from production but still getting the same error.

Just wondering, if anyone knows how to resolve this.

Thank you for your help.

Hey @SkuidUserName !

Can you verify if you have the Skuid page: New_Opportunity? Also, can you share your XML’s so I can try to recreate your issue?

Thanks ,

I emailed XML, did you receive that? Thank you for your help!

Can i attach XML here?

Hey @SkuidUserName ,

I just received your XML and going to try and reproduce your issue now.

Thanks for sharing, and I will let you know if I need anything else.

thank you

Hey @SkuidUserName ,

Can you verify in your sharing settings that the page object is set to a minimum of public read-only? You can find more info referenced in the doc below

License and Permission Assignments — Skuid v14.3.1 Documentation

Let me know if that helps!