Error Querying for page versions: apex heap size too large

Getting apex heap size error when clicking the page versions row action on the standard skuid Pages page.

Yikes, you must have some really massive pages. We’ll try to fix this by reducing the number of related Page Versions we query for when you open that drawer. That fix will come out in Banzai Update 5.

Ha, yep! Really massive is right.

I can get to the page version by opening the page, so there’s no rush on this… just thought you should know. :slight_smile:

Skuid is attempting to retrieve the layout fields for up to 20 versions of the page. Your pages are big and complicated enough that when the layout is multiplied by 20 - you are over the limit.   (This is lazy for us to do and we’ll change it).  

I’d clone the page list page and set the model limit on the Selected Page Versions model to be 2 or 3.  Then you’ll get load more buttons on your versions table and can still get back as far as you want. 

We’ll also make the layout fields only get queried when you are actually replacing a version - rather than when you are getting the versions list.