Error/page freeze when deactivating toggle button


I’m creating a page with a Date Range filter, as well as 4 toggle buttons (current week, previous week, current month, previous month).

These row filters correspond with 6 conditions on the model - one for each toggle button and 2 for the date range filter. Each toggle button activates its condition, and deactivates all the others.

Everything works as expected, until you click on an active toggle button to deactivate it. At that point the skuid page freezes (shows “Applying Filters”). If cookies are enabled for the toggle filters, then the page will not load again until the cookies are deleted.

The following error shows up in the console which seems to be causing this issue:


Kartik - I have reproduced this scenario.  I will pass this bug along to our dev team. 

We have previously said that date range filters did not work in conjunction with other filters built on the same date field.  I however would not have expected this sort of error.