error messages shown only once

I am using some client-side validation in my app, and running into a certain issue.
I’m using a function like the following to handle messages -

function errorMessage( message ) {<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; var title_component = skuid.$(‘#my-page-title').data('object');<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; title_component.editor.handleMessages( [{ message: message, severity: 'ERROR'}] );<br>}

The messages display just fine. The issue is that, if the user hides the message by clicking on it, and then makes the same mistake again (or a different mistake that triggers the same message), nothing is shown.

Is this by design, or a bug in my code, or a bug in Skuid? Is there some way to “reset” the component that is showing the message so it will show the messages again?


Hi, I’m facing the same problem.Did you find any solution for this?

Use clearErrorMessage();  before start calling any error messages.

function clearErrorMessage( message ) { &nbsp; &nbsp; var title_component = skuid&#46;$(‘#my-page-title')&#46;data('object'); &nbsp; &nbsp; title_component&#46;editor&#46;clearMessages(); }