Error messages displaying incorrectly in the UI


For some of our Skuid pages, when an error message is displayed, the field labels in the error messages are inconsistent with the field labels on the page. For example, we have a standard name field referenced in a field editor. The metadata label is ‘Name’ but we want to display it in the UI as ‘Content Name.’ We have changed the label on the field editor but if a validation message is displayed, the label that appears in the error message is ‘Name.’ 

I had found a post on the Skuid community a few months back and have recently tried to implement it but it doesn’t seem to be working. It involves the use of custom labels and an inline snippet to display the custom label name instead of the metadata field label name:…

I have tried to implement this as per the feedback in the post, but I’m having issues with this - it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I have noticed that this article/post has been archived which leads me to believe that this may no longer be a valid work around due to a recent release.

Can anyone suggest either a different way to implement this or please advise what I might be doing wrong?

Hey Meryl,

If you are seeing error messages generated by failed Validation Rules, then the message is actually coming from the Salesforce Server (not Skuid). Skuid does not parse error messages coming from the Salesforce Server.

One solution you could try is to change the Error Location to be displayed at the top of the page rather than on a particular field, which may remove the field name from the error message. You could then use the preferred name of the field in the custom error message, rather than the metadata name.