error message Illegal filter on Attachment

I have a “New Oppty Creation” button on oppty skuid page with action type “Redirect to URL”. As a salesforce admin it works perfectly well for me and “New Oppty Creation” button opens the skuid oppty create page as expected but when I log in as a sales rep under standard user profile he/she cannot open the skuid oppty create page via “New Oppty Creation” button.

Error message : “Illegal filter on Attachment. An unexpected error has occured. Your solution provider has been notified.(skuid).” is showing up.

I went through all visualforce pages in details with visibility accesses,I went through profile comparison in detail …ect but I could not find the solution yet.

Note : I have also created a “New Sales Oppty Creation” button on the standard salesforce Account page under “Buttons, Links, and Actions” with the same URL link to the new skuid oppty create page and this button works very well for me and for the sales team as well in this case.
Would you have any idea on how to fix this ?
Thank you.     


What URL are using in the redirect button?



Hello Bill,*NewOppCreation*3 Process is in test right now. Idea is to reproduce the standard ‘New’ button on the opportunities TAB into the new oppty skuid page i am building right now. Works for me but not for sales reps when i login as a sales rep in test. Thank you. Cyril

Can you post a screenshot of the conditions you have in your models that affect the attachment object.   These might be regular model conditions.  Child relationships to the attachment object.  Reference field filters.  Etc. 

I’m pretty sure that it is going to be a field level security issue associated with the user you logged in as…

Thank you Rob.  It is sorted now. Regards.