Error message: exceeded 100000 distinct ids

On a public community page , users get this error message, which seems related to a SF issues, but would there be any way for us to hide this message please?

Looks like you don’t have an upward bound on the number of records your query is attempting to pull in and there are more than 10,000 records being returned in the query which exceeds the max number allowed.
You could put more conditions on your query or add a max number of records returned on your model.

Not really the issue, as it’s a SF limit from what I read here: Help And Training Community

This object is public and has over 200,000 records, and limit is 100,000

on models I limit to 100 records

Weird thing is I only see/get this error when on community page , but not in SF, so was wondering if any way to just hide the error message, as all loads fine.