Error attaching file to a custom File field with filename greater than 80 characters


We’re experiencing issues attaching a file to a custom File field on a custom object (through a skuid table). When the filename is greater than 80 characters, the file upload fails silently. When you refresh the page, the file isn’t attached to the field.

We’ve noticed that the limit on the “Name” field in the Skuid File object is 80 characters. If this can be changed, that would suit our needs, but it doesn’t look like it can be.

It would also fix the issue if we could use Javascript to truncate a filename greater than 80 characters whenever a file is uploaded. To that end, I attempted to write a listener that listens on the event  “row.updated”, and then changes the name of the attachment if it’s greater than 80 characters, but none of the changes I made to the model were actually saved. I wasn’t able to change the filename at all this way. Is this at all possible?

Thank you,