Embedding Charts

In the Winter 14 release, the Analytics API is GA as well as the ability to embedded charts on an a details form…would I be able to leverage the Analytics API or the new ability to embed charts within my skuid pages?

We are still looking into the way the Analytics API can be used within Visual Force and within Skuid pages.  We do not yet know what the answer to this question is…

Hi Rob,
Do you know the answer to this yet?

Our strategy for visualizations is to use standard skuid models and build the visualizations on top of them.  We are not pursuing the use of the analytics API at this point.  Today you can bind the model data to your favorite javascript charting library (Kendo,  D3, etc).  We are working on adding charts to our package with the winter release.   This is where we are headed.  

May I ask which library you’re building with? Safeharbor

Though we’ve done some prototyping,  its still to early to make statements about our chart library winner.  Sorry. 

With the winter release sneak peak released, you must have picked a charting library. Which is it? I’d like to know which so I can see if there will be a gantt chart capability in the future.