Embed Skuid page as vf page into standard SF page layout?

I know I can build related lists into a skuid page and overwrite the SF page object - BUT can I do the reverse? I am wondering if I can for instance create a related list table in skuid as a VF page and place that vf page within a standard sf page layout “section”. Is this possible?

Hey Melissa, sorry for the delay! You can do that as a page custom component in a visualforce page but it may not look very elegant. John’s going to jump on in a second to give you a little more detail on how to do this.

Hi Melissa, The way to do what you’re describing is to create your Skuid page (a simple page would work best – like you mentioned, with one component), then use the “page” visualforce component within the visualforce page you would build. Add the following code to your visualforce page and you’ll be able to pull in your Skuid page. <skuid:page page=“your_skuid_page_name” />

John, Is there a way to have the skuid on that embedded page access the URL from that page?
Say it’s a standard page and your salesforce URL looks like this: https://cs14.salesforce.com/50054000001AAzi
How can you get the skuid page to access the “50054000001AAzi”?

any progress on your question?

Hi Sam,

Did you find any solution to this problem?

Any updates on this?  I’ve set the Model condition to
“Page/URL parameter value”
Parameter = Id

But it still isn’t working.  

Skuid backend:

Figured it out…problem was with my visualforce page. I was using a redirect instead of just a standard page. Here is the code that worked:

<apex:page standardController=“Loan_Document__c”><skuid:page page=“1.0_Borrower_Payments” />

Gary, thank you very much for closing the loop and sharing your solution. Looks like this conversation has quite a long timeline!