EmailToSalesforce template code issue

I’m having a bit of an issue with the EmailToSf functionality.

The main model is title pbaListing and the email address that I’d like to link to is under PropertyOwner model.

Here’s the code:
{{$}}{{#Email}} [<a href="{{{Email}}}&bcc=emailtosalesforce…; target=“ComposeGmail”> Gmail]{{/Email}

Maybe try changing the URL to this:{{{Email}}}&bcc=emailtosalesforce…;

I’m also not sure if you can use this syntax with $Model variables:


Maybe try and see if it works without the data check like this:{{{Email}}}&bcc=emailtosalesforce…;

A few things. 

I"m not sure what the first merge field is doing:  {{$}}  
And then in the BCC email code you have this:   {{#$}}{{$}}{{/$}}  I believe it should just be {{#$}}{{EmailDomainName}}{{/$}}

Finally - make sure you have the correct models in your page. 

Follow this tutorial:…

Thanks guys. I’ve got it working. 

Glad to hear you got it working.  Its pretty slick!