“Email this” component action.

Let me take you on a journey… Imagine, if you will, loading a Skuid page with a table and filtering and sorting that table exactly as you want it. It is a beautiful work of are that tells you exactly what you need to know. Now imagine at the top of that table there was a button that says “email this”. When you press it, it gives your options: 1) Email once 2) Email Daily 3) Email weekly 4) Email Monthly 5) Email Annually You make your selection. That’s when the magic happens. 1. Skuid takes all of your filter, sorting, and field inclusion settings and order and saves the in a special Skuid Hole. 2) . It sets up an email template in salesforce that matches your table layout. Then, a standing APEX job runs a method each day and looks for that data in the Skuid Hole. If it finds any records indicating an email needs to be sent, it passes in all the settings saved in the Skuid Hole into a query for records and filters and sorts then as necessary. It then triggers an email to be sent using the template created when the “Email This” button was pushed and populated that email template with the results of the query. This would be particularly useful in for tables and Deck components.

I would love something like. Input parameters on a page that could be run like a Conga solution and then sent.

Thanks for the recommendation, Raymond!