Email Button to open default mail client

I am trying to code a button to send to a static email address by opening the users default mail client on click. I tried using Javascript as an inline snippet but that didn’t work. The button is coded now to open a sales force email but that will not suit my purposes. I need the button to act just as an email link field. I am sure this is easy but I am spinning my wheels right now. Thanks!


Perhaps a template instead of a button, with html enabled? Then you could just use a standard html mailto: link.

Hi Jim, Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried that but didn’t want to show a random email field. This is being used on a community portal. Perhaps I should revisit this idea and see if there is a way to conditionally hide the field.

Hi Tami, You may want to create a custom email button under Custom Button and Link in the Salesforce object you are working on to open users default mail client on click then add a button in the Skuid page with Action Type : Custom SFButton/Link and select the button you created in Salesforce. Please let me know if this makes sense. Thanks