editing template fields in mobile builder

When using a template with multiple fields in regular skuid there is a pop-up to edit the fields. In the mobile builder it seems like fields in templates become read-only and no pop-up for editing appears in edit mode.  Am I doing sometbhing wrong or is this the way it is supposed to work? If so is it possible to somehow make these fields editiable in a popup?

Hi Peter,

As of the current release, Template fields do not work the same way in edit-mode in Mobile as they do in regular Skuid. It’s on our road map to have them work similarly.


Thanks Zach, good to know as small differences like this is a bit confusing. Having the same funcitionality as regular Skuid would be nice but I don’t think it’s a high prority since in most use cases it’s probably pretty easy to find alternate solutions in mobile Skuid. Maybe using a slide in panel when the div with the template is tapped.

My problem with getting the mobile file upload field renderer (https://community.skuidify.com/skuid/topics/file_upload_in_mobile_not_working) is much more urgent/important and I’m hoping that it’s me doing something wrong rather then it working differently in regular/mobile in this case. Do you have any solutions on this issue?