Editing multiple template fields on one page causes screen hang

I’m working on jazzing up a page layout a bit, instead of section headers I’m trying to build editable templates that serve as section headers, but contain information that is editable. It’s going pretty well, but I’ve noticed that if I edit one template field, save it, then try and edit another, I can’t get the editing pop-up box to go away. Clicking X or Done just doesn’t do anything, and I have to manually refresh the page.

I added a model action to requery the model when it is saved hoping that would help, but it didn’t. 

I added Save/Cancel to my field editor instead of page title, but the same thing happens.

I suppose I could build a custom pop-up for the template editing that contains all five of my template section headings, but then I’ve also got two editable template fields that I’m using to replace my page title, in a different field editor instance. 

Is this a known issue with too many editable template fields?

Hi Jack,

You if I am reading your question properly you should be able to fix it in your Save/Cancel button properties under actions. I have a similar function when you click a button a template pops up and based works based on the actions I set in place. The Save actions I set are: Show message and block UI, Save Model changes, Query Models, Close all Popups and Unblock the UI. Also double check the conditions on the models you are using to make sure that they are proper for the actions you have in place.
Hope this helps. If you want I can show some Screen Shots as an example if this is what you are looking for

Thanks. I gave up on this for the moment but when I try again I’ll try your suggestions.