editing fields mobile (Zooms in)

Using a Skuid page component on a lightning app.

When users click to edit a field (table or field editor), it zooms it far too much and doesn’t zoom out afterward.  
When the field editor is in a pop-up or drawer, zooming out after is blocked and users are forced to re-start S1.

I’m on v10 of Skuid and the latest version of S1.

Also, if a field is a number, can we only show numbers on the mobile keyboard instead of the full keyboard?

*worth noting that this is on an iPhone 6.
Have not tested other mobile devices yet.

I was able to stop the zooming by changing font size to 16px or larger for any edit mode components on the page. Found an article saying that mobile operating systems settled on 16px As the minimum size easily viewed on mobile so they force zoom of anything smaller. Apparently there is nothing you can do from a programming standpoint.