Dynamically select default tab based on model data

Is it possible to dynamically select a tab based on model data?
My use case is I want to steer the user down a certain path but also provide other tabs should they need that information. Based on the model data, the default path may vary, so I want to lead them to the right tab by default.


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This is an interesting idea.

If you add a hash to the end of the URL, the tab that matches that Hash will be defaulted open when the page loads. You can take advantage of this in a URL redirect action, or in a page include load action. Use a skuid formula field in a UI Only model to produce the correct hash value based on your data, and then merge that UI Only field into the URL parameter in the redirect action.

Hopefully that sketch gives. you a starting point.

Hey @TWyatt_Bluefin! If the users are getting to the page via URL, you can just append the tab unique ID onto the URL.


The unique ID is set in Tab Properties > Advanced. If you need to show a tab only after the model data has loaded and the user is already on the page, you can create a custom javascript snippet which sets window.location.hash = “#tabUniqueId”


Thanks Kristen. Your explanation was much clearer than mine.

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@k10 @Rob_Hatch Kristen/Rob
Thanks for the ideas. I’ll have to dynamically build the URL to add the tab name but I can do that.

I appreciate the response.


thanks for the awesome information.