Dynamic Label Lookup

With merge syntax, you can do things like $Label.myCustomLabel to resolve a label value.

Without javascript, is there a way to dynamically retrieve a label value either via merge syntax, formula field or some other method?

Use Case - The name of the label required from display is coming from a model row field value. Example:

row1: { Id: 1111, LabelName__c: ‘myCustomLabel’ }
row2: { Id: 2222, LabelName__c: ‘yourCustomLabel’ }

Need something like {{$Label[{{LabelName__c}}]}}

I can resort to javascript and/or Apex to solve for this but hoping there is a way to do this within Skuid UI without requiring code.  I know you can do this sort of thing in VisualForce but can’t seem to get it working in Skuid and fear it’s not current possible.

Another idea I had was to use Model_Lookup function but Labels aren’t exposed as a model and there is no way to build a “Labels” model (without javascript of course).  Maybe a Label Lookup function?

Any insight/thoughts/ideas is appreciated.  Thank you!