Dynamic FIlter Picklist Options

  1. How to show dynamic values in the filter according to the values of a particular column from the list view?
     a. Field Datatype- Formula Field(Text)

    2. Need to remove duplicate values from the filter drop down.

    Any help would be great.
    Thanks in Advance.

Hey Nitish, thanks for asking this question. What version of Skuid are you using? Are you building in API v1 or v2?

It sounds like you should be able to accomplish this if you create the filter options manually using “rows in a model” as your filter source:

  1. Create a new model on the same object to source the options for your picklist.
  2. Make this new model an aggregate model and include a count aggregation on the Id field and group by the formula field (the field you want to show up as the filter option list).
  3. On the original model, for your filter’s source choose "rows in a model."

Does this sound like what you’re trying to accomplish? 

Here’s some documentation that you may find helpful: