Dynamic Creation of Model issue in Brooklyn release

The following ‘Dynamic Creation of Model and Component’ is not working due to some error related to ‘datasource’ name… Not sure, if this is broken in brooklyn release.

Page XML

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve notified our documentation team.

I have revised the page XML for the Gist so that it will work with the Brooklyn release. As of the Banzai release, we stopped automatically loading in the “salesforce” Data Source on every page, choosing instead to only load Data Sources referenced by a Model requested in the page. However, we do not currently fetch Data Source dependencies for dynamically-created Models — this is a known bug that we are working to address. So the workaround is to add a dummy “static” Model to your page, which doesn’t have to be queried at all, just to force Skuid to load the “salesforce” Data Source. For more information, see the comments in the Gist.