Duplication Alert Message and Ignore Alert Saving via Skuid

In our standard contact creation page, if the email of the new contact already exist in the org, we give an alert message that “1 possible duplication record found” and provide the link to the duplicated contact and associated details to user. User can still choose to Ignore Alert and save the record (if duplicated account is not on the same account).

In Skuid, however, the error message prompts as a duplication record but does not allow saving to ignore alert.

What can we do to allow saving and also ideally display the duplicated record with the duplication record alert?

Looks like you have implemented the duplicate management features that SForce rolled out in Winter 15.  Skuid’s support for this feature is not complete.  Read this post:  https://community.skuidify.com/skuid/topics/duplicate-management-in-winter-15

The experience you report is not consistent with what we found, but several months have passed since our initial testing.  Things have changed for sure. 

PS.  What version of Skuid are you running?  

Yea, Rob. We read the post you referred to before posting and also thought things may have changed since the post was a while ago.

We are close to a new release and duplicate management is part of the new feature. We can of course ask the business to user standard contact page when error presents, but this will not help with Skuid usage and can reduce user work efficiency.

We installed the latest patch 6.8.20 as needed for fixing China user issue with Jquery.

Will there be new patch released soon to fix this? Or any recommended workaround?


More exploration done today with the 6.8.20 update.  I updated the post linked above.  What I documented there may provide a workaround for you. 

Hi Rob, Thanks for the update. In our org, SKUID is an option for users to use and it is released to only some regions not others. If we apply the workaround provided in the update (changing the dup config), we would lose duplication functionality in standard salesforce page for those not using Skuid.

Hope Skuid can have further update on this.

Yup. I can understand not wanting to lose functionatlity for your other users. 

Of course - I’m going to suggest getting all your users on Skuid.  But you knew I was going to do that…

Hi Rob,

Any update to how “Allow and Alert” is handled in Skuid? Is the only solution still as per your work around post Duplicate management in Winter 15?