Duplicate rules are not handled gracefully in skuid

We are implementing salesforce matching rules and duplicate rules. We found skuid is not handling alert properly. comparing with salesforce native ui, there is list if matched duplicated records and option to ignore (as matching rule config). But in skuid error message doesn’t handle ignore and save, and there is no indication of matched records. 

Screenshots attached

Did this once work for you in Skuid and now is broken? 
Is this something you’re noticing now? 

Can you provide further details into the exact Salesforce matching and duplicate rules your referring to? The more we can see, the more we can help.

This is something we have noticed now. 
Please find attached screenshots of matching rule and duplicate rule.


Thank you!

When the error is thrown, does anything show up in the console? If so, can you screen shot all of it?

Nothing specific in console but one warning, which might not be related. I have attached whole screenshot.

Pawan, this is a known limitation of Skuid in Salesforce, Skuid does not currently display duplicate records or do anything special with Salesforce’s Duplicate Rules. I am converting this to an Idea.

Any updates? What is the limitation on handling Duplicate Rule Alerts?