Drilldown Chart With Multiple Models

Seen some related references on this subject but something I’m missing.

I have 2 aggregate models, lets say Accounts and Contacts. I have 2 Accounts charts that drilldown fine. From the 2nd chart I want to pass the drilldown context to the Contacts chart, which is on the Contacts aggregate model. Not seeing how to do that.

Ex/ So my 2nd chart is showing all Accounts in East that are Inactive. When I click chart slice I want that context to go to Contacts so I see all Contacts in those same Accounts.

I saw some references to the Highcharts API stuff, which is foreign, but even with that I don’t get how you’d use that merge syntax, if that’s what’s needed, in the drilldown options…or am I supposed to be using a filter condition instead? If so, still confused how to pass the correct context.

Never mind. I changed my models so question no longer needed.