drill from aggregate model to basic model

I need to be able to re-create the pivot table feature of double clicking into a number to view the detailed data behind it.  

I can create the chart with the data (love it) but I want to allow the ability to click on the Column to see the Accounts that were aggregated to create the chart.  There are 2 models:

  • StateAgg - aggregate model of Accounts grouped by State
  • AccountList - Basic model - not loaded on page load
When I click on a chart from the StateAgg model, I want a pop up to show the Account Names that made up that bar.  There are 72k accounts so I can’t have the aggregate group by Account Name.


Just a shot in the dark here…

You should be able to access the State of the column that was clicked on through {{$Chart.category}} (or maybe {{$Chart.series.name}} ?), and in your action sequence as a result of the click pass that to a condition on your AccountList model, query, show popup.
This may help: https://community.skuid.com/t/chart

Yes.  Matt is right.