Drawers on an aggregate table-- Need help with Contex

I am building a page to show all of our Billings (custom Object) along with aggregate tables in drawers to show and organize the related Billing Lines (custom object). Here is what I have:

A table on the Billings object
A drawer that opens an aggregate table, on the Billing lines object, that shows related billing lines grouped by Scope (custom object that billing lines looks up to).

My problem is I think with the contex because it works up to this point but when I open a drawer on more then one billing to show the billing lines the original drawer goes blank. I have followed the tutorial on Nested Rows (http://help.skuidify.com/m/supercharge-your-ui/l/269735-add-nested-rows-to-your-table-with-drawers) I have followed the community post about correct alias names (https://community.skuid.com/t/aggregate-model-with-table-drawer-details). Nothing seems to work for me-- I’m sure I’ve overlooking something – any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here are screen shots hopefully to help point out what I am doing wrong

A quick question.  In the actions that fire on drawer open, do you ahve a “Query Model” action?  Is the property underneath set to “add more”  or “completely replace”   The behavior you describe suggests you are completely replacing instaed of “adding more” to the current model. 

That was exactly it! I knew I was overlooking something but I just couldn’t figure out what!